Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Father's Day

Happy father's day to all of the dads out there!

I feel like this holiday hasn't gotten nearly as much attention as it should. I honestly started doubting myself this morning - "What if it's next Sunday? What if they think I'm baking a cake just for the fun of it? But... but two days ago Jimmy Fallon said 'Happy Father's Day'! Was that an old episode...?" I just really thought it'd be mentioned more! To my relief a quick Google search confirmed that I had my dates right. Someone in my family has bought flowers exactly a week early once, so I had reason to worry!

Since cooking has become a new hobby of mine, I've been making cakes for a lot of occasions. For today, I picked this cake that I've had my eye on for a while from The Naked Fig. I LOVE bananas (who doesn't? Okay, some of my friends don't but I'll let that go) and this cake was like 50% bananas so it was perfect. Mine looks a bit different because I used larger cake pans, and I think my coconut sugar must have been darker because my frosting looked brown rather than white, but it tasted great! I thought it was a little bit on the sweet side, but my family disagreed, so I might have just become a little more sensitive to sweetness. I definitely recommend this recipe and the blog!

Ahh... Doesn't that look amazing? I love cakes that look a little bit undone - sauces dripping down the sides, filling oozing out, edges uneven. And that's not just an excuse for my messy cake (the cakes may or may not have fallen apart a bit while I was putting it together, but I persevered!) ;)

As for the card...

A few days ago my little brother brought home a gigantic stack of this grayish-tan paper from school (they send home leftover supplies at the end of the year), so I figured it was about time I started using it. I chose Posca pens because I've been doing everything in those recently - they get absolutely AMAZING vibrant colors.

I only had one shade of brown, and I didn't want to outline everything in black, so I decided to show the boundaries between one area of brown and the next by leaving a little bit of space. I love how it turned out! I added some watercolor to soften out the crispness and brightness of the paint markers.

I reminded my brother of what day it was and he made this adorable card:

He was self-conscious about it, so I had to assure him that it looked fine.
We delivered all of his presents to him and enjoyed the cake. There was a LOT more cake than I thought there would be. When I was making it I was like Oh, wow, this isn't a lot of batter, we can all have a quarter of it! Well, everyone (four people) had some and we haven't even finished half of it!

No matter how much cake there may be though, what I want most is for my dad to know how much we love him. I couldn't live without his patience, guidance, and constant cheerfulness. I'm not going to lie - I got a little bit teary-eyed making the card because I'm the kind of person that will overthink and start crying about how soon I'm leaving for college. But for today, at least, we can forget about that and we can eat cake together.

Beatrice <3