Saturday, June 18, 2016

Summer Bucket List

Hello! Alright, this is my first post so let's make it a good one *rubs hands together*. Technically it's not the first blog post I've ever written because I had a blog prior to this one (more on that later, probably), but let's start fresh!

This summer arrived gently. The last week of school was finals week, which was such a breeze that it felt like a pre-vacation. I'm not sure how I felt about that because it's kind of nice sometimes to have that contrast between a packed, stressful schedule and the blissfully empty summer break, but I guess as long as summer comes it's all good :)

Anyways, I spent my very first day of true vacation doing some drawing, which felt AMAZING. I don't really have the time (or the desire) to do creative things during the school year, but making this poster was so much fun and felt so right. I realized I'd really missed drawing!
I have an ongoing list in my notebook that's more detailed, and I couldn't put everything from there into this poster, so here's a picture of my notebook if you're curious! I've also been doing a lot of planning in my notebook for this blog, especially the design of it.

So, without further ado, this summer I want to:

I've already spotted a few of these little guys, but what I'm waiting for is when there's so many that it's practically a twinkling light show right in your backyard. It's such a magical feeling to hold one in your hands.

I've gone once this year, but... it was before school ended so technically it doesn't count ;) But why not go again! Wandering through the stalls of crafts and produce is such a relaxing way to spend a warm weekend morning.

I better get going on this one because it's exactly strawberry picking season right now! I have a farm in mind and I have their phone number written down, now I just need a day of nice weather because right now it's super hot. (update: I called them! *pats self on back for being a responsible adult* So once we go I'll definitely take some pictures to share on my Instagram and possibly this here blog.)

There's nothing that represents what summer is more than spending a night outdoors with your best friends.

I've had this on my summer lists for a while now actually and I still haven't done it, hehe, oops. I've started going to bed and waking up earlier though so I think it's totally possible this year. I've seen the sunrise before when we've had to wake up in the middle of the night to drive to the airport for a trip, but I'd like to experience it at home.

I don't even know if it's the golfing part of mini-golfing that's fun as much as the awesome obstacles and decorations!

// RUN A 5K
I recently finished the Couch to 5K program, which I honestly can't believe because I was the person who hated running with a passion. Something happened around the 5-week mark (where the maximum running time jumped from 8 minutes to 20 minutes), and it just became easy. I don't know, I'm not a scientist, so don't ask me how that works!I now run more than 5K when I go running but I want to do a race just for the experience and excitement (and the participation medal, bc that's pretty cool). I'm actually signed up for one in about a week, so wish me luck!

This is something I do every summer so it's not terribly creative, but it's so much fun! Wave pools and slides and lazy rivers... ah, perfect.

I've never been to a garage sale or flea market or anything and it just seems so cool. I don't know if I'd be able to find any good bargains, but it'd be an adventure to try!

I've dreamed about this ever since I spotted the most perfect little picnic table while on a bike ride. It's surrounded by lush greenery and looks out over a teeny tiny pond, and let me tell you, at sunset, when the light is soft and golden, it looks like something straight from a movie.

Another one that I've technically already done but technically it wasn't yet summer vacation and so technically I have to do it again. Technically.

Summer ends way too quickly, but if I can preserve some of its beauty in the form of flowers, then that is what I shall do!

I'm not sure what I'd want to learn how to make (I'm thinking something fancy and difficult, like macarons), but the idea of a cooking class seems like a creative little food party and that's just awesome.

There are somer really nice outdoor concerts in our city. I want to bring a blanket to one of those and just enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings.

I bike all the time, but whenever I see people rolling past me on roller blades/skates I really want to try it! I mean, I've roller bladed before but never a long distance, only on the sidewalk near my house.

Pineapple, leis, floral patterns, ukulele music, and lots of friends!

I've had this on my list before, but boy is it a hard one. In case you don't know, lucid dreaming is when you're dreaming but you're aware of it, so you have the power to control everything in your dream. Yes, you can fly! And do absolutely anything for that matter - it's like a mental playground. I've done way too much research on this topic, but it's actually super interesting. Maybe this summer I will finally train myself to do it.

4th of July I'm looking at you! We live in a perfect spot where you can see the fireworks going on at a nearby park. I have this red, white, and blue bunting that I made last year and I'm really glad I kept it!

Collages just have such a cool, creative vibe to them, and it's a good use for all of those magazines that would otherwise just be recycled. Maybe I can hang up some on my bedroom walls.

We rarely play board games these days, so I want to invite a bunch of friends over and ask them to bring their favorite board games so we can play them all evening. I'm thinking this would pair quite nicely with a backyard campout.

We are super lucky to live near a free zoo, but we don't take nearly as much advantage of that as we could.

I have a whole page in my journal dedicated to ideas for having an outdoor movie party so this has got to happen. Imagine: a bedsheet tied up, strung with fairy lights, set up with a projector. Lots of colorful pillows and blankets on the ground, garlands decorating the patio, and lanterns to set the mood. Something like THIS. Yes, that's perfect. Now... what movie to watch? Recommendations?

I don't know if you guys have seen the show Flea Market Flip but watching that just makes me want to grab the nearest old _____ (table, chair, coat rack, etc., you fill in the blank) and paint it a bright shade of aquamarine. I'd probably do something a little more toned down for my room, but I think it'd be super cool to know that you completely transformed something old and made it beautiful again!

You know those things on Instagram that are like "July photo challenge" and then for each day of the month there's a little prompt? Yeah, I've never completed one (or started one, for that matter), but I think it'd be quite an accomplishment that would push me to try new things with photography.

Ideally, I'd like to take one of those workshops where they teach you professional flower arrangement, but I don't know if they even have that where I live. I can always make a bouquet here at home though! There are SO many gorgeous flowers that bloom around here in the summer, it'd be the perfect way to bring some of the outdoors in.

This is a continuous goal, and so far I've kept up with it every day! I think I just need to start writing in it before bedtime because when I try to write before going to sleep I end up too tired to get all of my thoughts down.

I've read the first book (loved it) but I've had trouble finding the second one in the library. I have a friend who owns all of them though so I think this summer will be a perfect time to borrow all of them, one by one, and finally work my way through that series.


So, that's my list! How about you? How do you plan on making this the best summer ever? And if it's not currently summer where you live, what's something you just want to do?

Also, any movie recommendations for watching outdoors? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading,
Beatrice <3